Jere Cox – Curator

640 Main St. N
McKenzie, TN 38201

About the Museum

Housed in the historic old McKenzie Post Office Building, the Gordon Browning Museum and Genealogical Library is a publicly owned museum/repository for documents, images and artifacts that represent the history and culture of Carroll County, TN.

The museum is named in honor of the two time Governor of the State of Tennessee; Gordon Browning. The museum contains numerous papers, photographs and personal effects of the former governor. In cooperation with city, county and state organization, the Carroll County Historical Society operates and maintains the museum and repository.

In addition to its wartime artifacts the museum houses rare items taken from Hitler’s desk during the U.S. liberation of the Nazi prison camps.


Ike Gilbert


Webb School Alumni Museum

The Webb School Alumni Museum, opened in 2016, and is housed inside the former Webb School, an all-African American school which opened its doors in McKenzie in 1927, and served 22 communities throughout West Tennessee. It operated until 1966. The museum pays tribute to the educators who played vital roles in this first African-American school in the county, in addition to displaying artifacts and items which reflect the educational curricula during this era. Dr. Carroll Van West, Director of the Tennessee Center for Historic Preservation, who worked with the alumni committee to develop the museum, has noted that the museum houses one of the best examples of the famous Rosenwald Schools.

Webb Alumni Association

When the Webb School, a historic Rosenwald School for African- American children closed its doors in 1966, a group of alumni immediately acted to form the Webb Alumni Association in efforts to preserve the memories of the education and of those students in over 22 communities who attended the school. In 1971, the alumni raised enough funds to purchase their alma mater and in 2016, the group opened a museum which houses Webb School artifacts collected through the years by the alumni and families of those who attended the school.

Today the Webb School Alumni Association has charter throughout the country. In addition to activities throughout the year in the individual clubs, the association gathers each Labor Day Weekend to recognize and celebrate the historic school with a variety of events including a fashion show, BBQ, talent show, and other activities.